With so many trends out there to choose from I really wanted to do a fun post on Wear This Not That. There are certain trends that come out each season that are more of a fad than a trend. Trends are those things that are trending in popularity and stick around for awhile but fads are things that come and go pretty quickly.

The trends that I am saying Not to Wear are trends that you might like and if so, that’s great. I am not saying that you should not purchase them if you really like them. Just don’t feel like you have to just because they are a trend.  There are some great comparable items that you could purchase that would last a bit longer in your wardrobe and be a better option if you want to be more practical.

I think you will like the comparisons and they will get you the look you might want without compromising style or your pocket book!

Detailed Collars vs. Prairie Collars

The very large prairie collars are interesting but an oversized collar in general would do the trick here and would stay in style for longer. The prairie collars are very specific and I think are more of a fad and will not stay around.

Regular Fly vs. Offset Fly

This offset fly has been around for a few seasons now and I think this is one idea that came about because they just needed something different to sell.  I think this is a fad and wont be around for long, so I would just stick with regular zippers and exposed buttons. If you want something a little different that will also create a looser fit you could try a pair of jeans  that are pleated in the front instead.





Loose Straight vs. Baggy Jeans

Looser fitting jeans are on the rise in fashion and I am really loving the straight leg and slightly tapered versions opposed to the baggy versions. I don’t see the baggy or balloon jeans hanging around for long and they are not as easy to style.  I think almost all body types can wear a loose straight jean (maybe not the tapered leg) but not all body types are great in the baggy or balloon fits.


Boyfriend Blazer vs. Fitted Blazer

Boyfriend and oversized blazers are such a hot trend this fall and winter season.  They have been increasing in popularity since last fall and I think they are here to stay for awhile.  The fitted and shorter blazer still has it’s place so if you have a few don’t get rid of them and they will come back around.


A Shorter Top vs. Crop Top

If you have the body type that can pull off showing off your midriff than I say go for the crop top! Most of us though do not have the body to pull this off. BUT there are options that look cropped but are not. These shorter tops hit right at the waist of a higher rise and are more practical. The key to making this one practical though is to wear it with a higher rise bottom that comes up to meet the hem of the top.


Let me know what you think of some of these trends that are more of a fad and if you liked what I recommended to replace them with!

Stylishly Yours,


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