I am beyond excited for the fall season now that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has started! There are some unbelievable deals on some really epic styles! Especially in sweaters, boots, and jackets! My 3 favorite categories! Since trends are my absolute favorite thing to talk about, I had to share a post on what was going to be on trend for fall 2023! Not only that, but I want to inform you on what trends you can find at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale; and believe me there are TONS!!!

As always here is the video that is very detailed and also includes links to all the items shown throughout the video!

Color Trend: RED

This fall season the “IT” color is going to be RED.  From bright red to a deep burgundy or wine color.  I am team burgundy since red is not my best color.  It’s amazing just how much red was available in the sale!

Western Trend

Boy, OH Boy is the western trend a big trend right now! I saw more styles that either had a western influence to their style or were actual cowgirl boots!  If you are in a style rut why not have some fun and jump into the western trend!

Coastal Cowgirl

If you went to a Taylor Swift concert more than likely you dressed in this coastal cowgirl trend and didn’t even know it! It’s when you mix beachy flowy chiffon dresses with cowgirl boots or a cowgirl hat! So adorable! Some people choose a white flowy summer dress to pair with their boots to get the best vibes out of this look!

Power Suits

The very structured tailored suit is back in a MAJOR way this fall and winter 2023 season.  Reminiscent of the 80’s, some of these styles even have the “jutting out” shoulder pads for added structure!

Power Dresses

If you are not up for a full suit than try a wonderful statement making piece like a blazer dress!

Blanket Scarves

Thanks to the Old Money Aesthetic trend blanket scarves are back and should be your new fall/winter essential!  If you want something even better try a fun little cape or shrug that looks like a blanket scarf.


Loose Jeans

The loose jeans styles that are going to rock your world this fall and winter are straight legs, bootcuts, flares and wide legs! I am excited to see all the wonderful modern styles of those jeans from the past.

Loose Trousers

The same for your loose leg trousers.  This not only works for workwear but also casual everyday outfits with sneakers.


Leather or Faux

Leather is still a BIG trend and it’s A-OKAY to wear this trend from head to toe. You choose which suits you; real leather or vegan.


The shirtdress trend is continuing to be a major player in our fall and winter selections. Not only is this a major trend but it certainly makes an unmatched staple in your closet!


Coat Trends

The Trench is still trending, with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale having a very large selection to add to your list of things for fall and winter.

The Oversized Coat is a newer trend that fits the bill of the Y2K trends.  Get creative with a size up in your double breasted options! Try wearing it unbuttoned and open in the front for an oversized look or buttoned up for a more tailored look.

The Black Coat is a very new trend and is supposed to be part of the minimalistic looks for this coming season.



Sometimes corduroy takes a back seat for the season and sometimes it’s the shining star. Look for this wonderful texture as a shining star this 2023 fall and winter.

Cropped Jackets & Tops

The cropped jacket and top trend is here to stay for awhile. I can get behind this one because the “cropped” styles are not really showing the belly but end right above the hip bones! This length is perfect, especially if you are 5’4″ or below!



Tights are another one of those trends that I think was influenced by the Old Money Aesthetic and I am loving it! This makes wearing shorts, skirts and dresses so much easier to wear in the fall and winter.

Statement Studs

Make a statement with these awesome statement stud earrings. The ones from Amazon are a look-a-like to a very expensive Bottega Vanetta and are super light weight and very cute! This trend started in the spring of 2023 and is continuing to grow even more popular this fall and winter.


This is just a sneak peak of what is to come this fall and winter 2023 season! Happy shopping if you are getting some things from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  If you use my links I will make a small commission from any purchases made and it comes at not cost to you! Thanks so much!

Stylishly Yours,


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