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Thank you so much for stopping by Style by Jamie Lea.  The posts are written by me and are completely my own opinion.  The photos and graphics are created by me or are from my affiliates I work with.  It is in your best interest to contact me if you would like the use of any of the content presented on Style by Jamie Lea.  Thank you again and you may contact me through my Contact page!

Disclosure Statement

Style by Jamie Lea is a blog that is about fashion and beauty.  I have chosen to work with special affiliates that help me provide an easy shopping experience for my readers.  I only recommend products that  I personally like and would use.  The affiliate links are provided in my posts and in a widget on my front page.  They do provide me a commission by either clicking or purchasing the item and it is at no cost to you!  This is just a way to help me continue to do what I love!


My chosen affiliates are currently Shop Style, Amazon and Ellis James Designs. I will notify you anytime I use these in my content.

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