The BEST sale of the year is coming soon!!! If you have never shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I would like to invite you to shop the sale along with me!  This is one of those sales you just don’t want to miss if you like good deals on amazing brands! Even contemporary and high end brands!

The coolest thing about this sale is most items that you will shop are new FALL items!  They usually offer discounts of 25% to 50% off regular prices.  You can find great staple pieces and fun trendy pieces to add to your fall wardrobe. I think Nordstrom is totally genius for creating a sale like this during the slowest month of the year for most clothing retailer! I worked contemporary women’s retail for many years and we absolutely hated the month of July. It’s the slowest month of the year! What Nordstrom has done is get sales up for July while getting people excited about the Fall season and new merchandise which is a win-win for us all!

What to Expect:

This is the fourth year they have allowed a fun Preview time so that EVERYONE can preview ALL of the items for the sale. You will have the ability to add any items to your Wish List and shop the sale quicker when it comes time for you to be able to buy.  They always have specific dates for different groups of people to shop and even card holders get dibs on everything before the non-cardholder public. Here are the list of dates below:

July 3: Preview For All

July 11th – 16th: Icon Status Early Access

July 12th – 16th: Ambassador Early Access

July  13th – 16th: Influencer and Cardholder Early Access

July 17 – August 6  : General Public Gets Access!


Tips for Shopping Like a Pro

  • Check out the Preview and definitely add items you might want to your personal Wish List and then you can just add them to your cart when they become available! Trust me, the good things sell out really fast so make it a plan to do this!
  • Download the Nordstrom App from the app store to your phone. You can add items to your Wish List or a shopping bag straight away and this will help expedite your shopping process. I have had things disappear out of my cart before I even hit the purchase button.
  • After the sale starts, if there is something on your Wish List that sold out, you will get a notification that it is back in stock. The popular items sell out sometimes before the general public is able to shop, so this is a great idea if you miss out on something. They usually restock but then it will quickly be gone again. You can add items to your Wish List from a computer and they will email you when it comes back in stock but it will be better to set up the notifications through the app and receive the notification on your phone.
  • I also noticed that they usually add NEW items throughout the sale, so always check back it you are itching for something more! This is not a guarantee but seems to happen most years.
  • If you are not a cardholder and think you would consistently shop at Nordstrom, I would get a Nordstrom credit card.  It makes it easy to shop and a perk is early access to the sale. This means you will not miss out on the good stuff! If you want to apply you can do so HERE. (I am not an affiliate for the card, just wanted to help out!) You will also get a $40 bonus note with your first purchase using the credit card!
  • If you are already a cardholder make sure your card is added to your Nordstrom account online. You want to do this to make sure your account is set to shop on the right date.
  • Cardholders also have a double points day they can activate, so don’t forget to do that before you shop. It is only good for 24 hours! This can be done through your account benefits section.
  • If you live close to a Nordstrom and time allows, make an appointment with a stylist! I did this during the early part of the year and it was a wonderful experience! I will have a stylist help me for this years Anniversary Sale and I can’t wait!

  • My Personal Tips for You

    I have some shopping tips to share with you that I have learned in the past few years of shopping the sale. There are some things that have great value and can be a benefit to you all fall and winter season long.

    • The first thing you will want to do is evaluate your current wardrobe for fall. Make a list of the things you need.
    • The sale is great for some trendy pieces for the season coming up, so it’s good to know what is on trend for the Fall/Winter 2023 & 2024 season.  Check out my YouTube channel, Your Guide To Style, for that!
    • Wardrobe Essentials are also great items to shop during the sale if you are in need of replacing or adding any to your wardrobe.
    • Do not hesitate on an items you might want if you are shopping online. Get it in your cart and hit purchase. You can always return it if you have buyers remorse or it doesn’t fit. The ordering and returns process is super fast and easy! You can also return items from Nordstrom to Nordstrom Rack if you have one close to you.
    • If you think an item is cute but are not sure about it, purchase it anyway! You can always return it. I think I purchased and returned multiple times my first year of shopping the sale. They are usually really quick and easy to deal with. A return label is sometimes included in the box and if it isn’t, you will easily have access to one online.
    • If you are not sure of what size you would be, get the size you think and a size up or down, depending on how it runs.
    • Lastly, just enjoy shopping at really good prices. Nordstrom offers a variety of price points and you can find some really affordable deals during this sale. I have purchased some things I would have not normally purchased because the prices were so good and I knew they wouldn’t be that low again.

Stay tuned and Happy Shopping!

Stylishly Yours,



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