Casual Wardrobe for the Modern Woman

Do you struggle with finding good items for your wardrobe that are casual, cute AND comfortable!?  If I had to guess the answer is YES because we have all been there.

In all my years of styling woman the greatest need was having a good casual wardrobe.

Casual clothing does not have to be sloppy or boring.

Women that are at home on a daily basis can create casual outfits that are stylish, functional and comfortable!

This Casual Wardrobe for the Modern Woman shows you that there is a way to dress casually, look good and be comfortable.


If you say YES to any of these below than this EBook will be perfect for you!


A Stay at Home Mom

A Stay at Home Wife

A Work from Home Professional

A Professional with a Casual Job

A College Student

A Traveler

A Retired Woman

A Woman in her 20’s through the 70’s

A Woman Who is Not Afraid of Trends

A Woman Who Wants to Look Good When Casually Dressed


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Casual Wardrobe for the Modern Woman:

Purposefully curated items that help you create the perfect casual wardrobe for the fall and winter season.

Wardrobe item pages that contain illustrations and detailed information explaining why the specific items were chosen for the casual wardrobe.

Private access to the SBJL Casual Wardrobe for the Modern Woman Shop Page that will provide shopping links updated throughout the season.

Seasonal trendy items are included with the wardrobe to show how easily they can be incorporated into your casual wardrobe.

A total of 72 versatile clothing items, accessories and shoes for you to choose from.

A total of 82 stunning outfits curated for you to replicate on your own.

82 complete outfit descriptions under the outfit photos that explain how to put outfits together and what activities or occasions to wear the outfit to.

Includes several smart casual holiday outfits for you to use for inspiration. You will find these recommendations in the outfit descriptions.

My outfit guide and stylist tips will help you put together the items for a cohesive casual look!

Fun Casual Outfits

Smart Casual Outfits

Holiday Outfits

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