Hi!  Summer is finally here, so I wanted to share some of my favorite summer shoes with you and show you what to wear with them and what NOT to wear! Shoes can make or break and outfit so it’s very important to pair the right shoes with your outfits!

You will see a recap of what shoes I talk about in my YouTube video. If you want to see all the fun outfits click the link below.

Strappy Heeled Sandals

My ultimate favorite shoes for this summer season are strappy sandals. They are always so flattering on the feet and they just so happen to be a very big trend right now.  I own a few pairs of strappy sandals and they are great with outfits that are semi-dressy to dressy. I usually don’t wear these when I am just in my casual everyday outfits such as denim shorts or t-shirt dresses.

Gladiator Style Sandals 

These are my choice for my everyday casual outfits. I am either wearing these or my sneakers. They are super comfortable and easy to wear with all different kinds of casual outfit combinations. I would not wear them with dressier outfits or any athleisure. Some people say these are out of style but I digress!  With all the strappy sandals being on trend we certainly can’t leave this one out.

Ankle Wrap Sandals

A sandal the is very versatile and can pair very well with lots of different styles of dress is an ankle wrap sandal. I love these in a metallic silver or gold to pair back with some semi-dressy outfits or even casual ones like your denim shorts and t-shirt dresses! They can do wonders in bringing fresh style to your outfits.

If you are not into metallic than find some ankle wrap sandals that are a neutral color like a nude that will go back with many different colors.


Flat slides are one of the easiest shoes to just throw on and go.  With this being such a popular shoe option during the summertime, you can find all different types from plain jane to very embellished. I just so happen to like the embellished versions since I like to add some bling to my outfits! I love throwing them on with casual everyday outfits and semi-dressy outfits and even some of my athleisure!

Ballet Flats

Some people say that you can wear ballet flats with anything and I actually disagree with that! You can avoid looking frumpy in them two ways:  by making sure your outfit or body is close to perfect proportions with a 1/2 to 2/3 ratio (Rule of Thirds) AND show some skin on the foot or ankle!  Showing your skin makes the biggest difference here, especially if you are shorter in height.


A shoe trend that is coming back are wedges!  My favorite wedges for summer are espadrilles! I have a nude pair that I can literally wear with almost anything besides cocktail dresses and athleisure. They are perfect parings with denim shorts outfits, maxi skirts and dresses and cropped or ankle pants or jeans.

Clear Shoes

Clear shoes are the new shoe trend for summer and I am not talking about Jelly’s, lol. Clear straps on heels and flats are a perfect replacement for the nude shoes if you are just tired of wearing them and want something new and on trend. I have two pairs of clear strap heels and really have found a lot of things I love to wear them with. Especially those outfits with white or bold colors.


“I hate sneakers” said no one ever! At least I hope not! Sneakers, especially white ones are so chic and easy to wear with outfits you wouldn’t think you could wear! If you are interested in that I have a full video on the subject on my YouTube channel.

I hope you will check out the video and see all the fun summer outfits with all of these shoes I have mentioned here!

Stylishly Yours,




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