Hello lovely ladies!  And possibly gents!  I say that because my wonderful and supportive father-in-law subscribes to my blog!  My hopes for this post is to get you to really think about trying a monochromatic look this Spring 2018! If you have already tried one I would love to know how you styled it! Wouldn’t you agree that our wardrobe sometimes needs a fresh mix of some different looks?  Due to this feeling I have gained a personal interest in a monochromatic look.

Monochromatic means “one color”.  I have recently tried this and absolutely love it. My husband loved it too!  He thought it was subtly sexy. Hmm… I did feel like it made me look taller and slimmer though!  So, for you petite gals out there you definitely need to give this a try.

Most people are afraid of this look because they think it’s much more complicated than it actually is. Believe me, it is more simple than coordinating different colors which is what we do for our daily outfits! The hardest part of this is finding the color that best suits you and the right matching pieces.

How to Master A Monochromatic Look

I am going to talk about creating this look with the same exact shade in each clothing piece.  This is how I chose to make my monochromatic look.  I used existing pieces I already owned instead of going out to purchase a whole new outfit.  There are other ways to achieve a monochromatic look but they can just get downright confusing so I’m going to stick with this example today!

A Monochromatic Look

When deciding on a  monochromatic look consider what color you really love, look good in, and would be okay with having on your body from head to toe.  If I had to bet I would say that almost everyone of you has done black from head to toe! I know I have!  That same thought process can apply to another color.  If you like bold colors do bold.  If you like pastel than do pastels! If you like neutrals than do neutrals!

The two best ways to achieve this look are:

1. Play around with textures. If you choose to have the same exact color head to toe make sure one of the pieces stands out from the other. My sweater has details on the sleeves and texture in the fabric so it stands out from the jeans.  2. If you feel so inclined, add in a splash of color or print in your accessories. I actually chose to do both of these options with my outfit and I think it is perfect for me.

If you want a super easy way to achieve this look than purchase a solid dress and add whatever shoes and accessories you want.  See, I told you it was more simple than you thought!

For my outfit I chose a top and bottom that were both the same shade of ivory.  I had a pair of ecru jeans from J Crew that I paired with an ivory sweater from Loft.  I felt like they looked so good together I could not pass up the opportunity to make a great outfit. The color ivory is good for me because of my red hair and pale skin. In order to not be so blah I chose to add the leopard earrings and taupe wedges. They are fun pieces but still in the same neutral color family.

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How to Master A Monochromatic Look Spring 2018 Trend

I feel a little strange leaving you with just one way to do this but I’m going to stick to the true meaning of monochromatic which is “one color”. If you choose to use pieces in the same color range, just a different shade, I think that would be fine too.  It is very hard to find pieces that are the same exact color.

I hope this inspires you to go look through your closet to see what options you have for this monochromatic look.  If you have any questions I would love to answer them! Just leave it in the comments below!  Thanks for reading and I’ll be back next week!

L.O.L. – Jamie


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  2. I want you to help me do a monochromatic look this spring! Maybe with white jeans? Or maybe with pink jeans if I can ever find any? I love pink!