Spring 2022 is chalked full of trends! You will drowning in options, so choose what best suites your personal style.  This season is all about dopamine style, which is just wearing what makes you feel good! The trends this season are all about being over the top, bold color, embellishments, straps, chunky and sporty and comfy!!

In this Wear This Not That post and video I am using these examples as a fun way to present to you what trends are out there but show you the ones that have a little more longevity and practical everyday wear (wear this) compared to the trends that don’t (not that). If you like any of the “Not That” versions than I say GREAT and go for it!

Wedges vs Platform Heels

One of the biggest trends for spring and summer 2022 are platforms of all kinds! Not very practical but they would be great for edgier styles.

The Wear This option in the place of platform heels are wedges. These still give you a little lift but are much more practical and wearable and stick around season after season.

Loafers vs Platform Loafers

Loafers have been making their way up the trend scale for a few seasons now and it seems like any version of a loafer will do. The push is for the high platform loafer and as much fun as they might be to wear they are not at all practical!

Thank goodness for more options right! Depending on your style you can choose a classic loafer with some detailing or a bold color or texture. If you want a little more edge to your style than find one with a chunky sole and just a small platform.

Ankle, T-Strap & Strap Stacking vs Knee High Lacing

Straps, straps and more straps is what sandal season is all about this year!  Ankle straps, t-straps and strap stacking are going to be much more enjoyable to wear than than the knee high lacing. But if you are in love I say go for it!

Fisherman Sandal vs Fuzzy Sandal

What a cool new trend! The fisherman sandal! I much prefer this over the weird fuzzy sandal trend. The only thing the fuzzy sandals are good for is wearing them around the house!

Mules & Updated Ballet Flat vs Clogs

Clogs started trending in the fall and are making their way into spring! You will find style like the classic clog and also some modern versions.  I believe that once a clog lover always a clog lover!  But I do feel like mules or updated ballet flats are a little more practical.

Retro & Athletic Sneakers vs Platform Sneakers

Sneakers are my favorite shoes to wear, so I could not end this post or video without talking about what sneakers are trending for this season.  You can choose a fun platform if you so dare but the more practical choices are the retro or athletic sneakers!  Retro sneakers have been around for a little while but are now trending in low tops and high tops with pops of color!

Another fun option is the bright colored athletic sneakers that are coming on the fashion scene rather quickly.  These are following the same chunky trend that other shoes are and we better get use to it because chunky isn’t going anywhere for a while!


Please check out my video above if you have not already! Thanks for reading!

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