Hey girls!  We are nearing the end of January, thank goodness!  But then we enter February…..ugh!  I am not a lover of winter weather and by this time I am thinking about Spring.  In January and February I get into a rut when it comes to buying things because it’s all sale stuff and sometimes you just gotta take a break! During this break of no purchasing I really like to contemplate what I want for Spring and what I need to get rid of to prepare for that. Keep reading and I will share with you the three easy things that I do to clean out my closet.

1. Evaluate Each Piece

First, you will need to evaluate each piece for the season you are going into.  This is very important to do before any Spring shopping so you will not make any unneeded purchases. If your Spring clothing is packed away then this is the perfect time to pull it out.  You will need to look at each piece and ask yourself these 6 questions that will help you determine if you need to keep, donate or throw away the item. I also recommend trying things on during this evaluation process to see if things still fit the same. (I know, this is work!)

  1. How long have I had this item?  If the item is from last year the odds are it is still okay to keep.  If it is older than that you will need to consider if it is in good enough condition.
  2. How long has it been since I have worn the item?  If it has been 2 or more years since you have worn the item than you need to think seriously about repurposing or donating it.  Another option is to sell it to a resale shop but remember it has to be “lightly worn” and currently in style.
  3. Is the item still in style?  You will end up buying some trendy things that will go out of style in a couple of years.
  4. Is the item the right size? We have a tendency to hang on to things thinking we will be able to get back into them.  If they are only a year or two old you could sell them in a resale shop and use that money to buy things that fit! (This is a subject for a whole other blog post!)
  5. How many other things do I have that are like this item?  We all have a tendency to like and buy the same stuff. For example, if you like black cami’s you may have 5 of them.  And yes we all do this!  We are creatures of habit. Keep your favorites and make someone else happy by donating or selling the rest. If you just can’t than that’s okay too.
  6. Does it have any sentimental value?  I have clients that will not get rid of something that is from their honeymoon or wedding etc.  This is okay.  We all have things like this. Just store these pieces in a special safe place and not with your current wardrobe choices.  You don’t want to keep evaluating pieces like this each season.

I do want to give some other advise that I have had a couple of clients do.  I would have never thought of this but this may make sense for you.  If you are a big Halloween party person there may be some pieces you could keep around and re-purpose for this.  Store them in a closet or attic where all your costumes are and you will have lots of options. Things like flare jeans/pants, bell sleeve tops, heavy floral tops, and anything else super trendy are great pieces to put together fun looks for Halloween.

2. Essentials List 

Second, evaluate what you just decided to keep and make a list of what you will need. If you got rid of any essential pieces these will definitely need to be replaced with an updated version.  For example, a white button down, plain t-shirts, jeans, etc. Also, try to remember if there was anything you thought you were missing from the previous (same) season and make a note of that as well.  Hopefully you will remember.  If you think about it, make a list as you go through the season so it is already done when the next one rolls around.

3. Stylish Additions

Third, make a list of the things you would like to have that are new styles for the season.  There are always new and fun things that can be added to your wardrobe that are more trendy and fun.  These pieces are what will make an essential wardrobe one that reflects YOUR own personal style, which is the ultimate goal.  You can start this list now but continue to add to it throughout the season.  This will give you something to work with when another shopping trip calls your name!  I love a good list and it keeps my focus because I love to mark things off!! You with me??!

These simple tips are to help you get your closet moving in the right direction. It may take you a couple of seasons to see progress but if you keep it up each season gets better and easier!   Also,  it is not easy doing it  by yourself, so if you can’t afford to pay someone to help, ask a good friend.  It is always better to have another perspective on your wardrobe. Just make sure it is an honest friend! If that is not an option for you than don’t hesitate to contact me and I can definitely help! Heck, I would even do it remotely with you!


In the end, you will be prepared for what purchases you need to make and will hopefully eliminate any unnecessary or duplicate purchases. You should also feel relief to have accomplished this task because it is not a fun one! If you have any questions or want to share some things you do I would love to hear them below!  Please also let me know if you would like more posts like these! Thanks a million for reading and we’ll talk next time!

Lots of love and thanks,





  1. Adrianne

    I don’t like cleaning out my closet, but I love how it feels once it is done!

    • Jamie

      Same here! Cleaning out anything in general is a pain!