Hey y’all!  Have you ever in your life paid one penny for something?!!  Boy do I have a surprise for you today!  I actually have and it was this Free People slip dress!!  I am going to tell you how the penny dress only cost a penny and where I purchased it, so hold tight and read on!  I have also styled it three ways for you.  I really think that I got every cent out of this one, don’t you?

How Did I Only Pay One Penny

The penny dress or slip dress styled with a sneaker, white tee and leopard scarf for around the neck

Where did I purchase this penny dress?

  • Nordstrom Rack of course.

How does this amazing price happen?

  • When it is time for them to do an inventory transition Nordstrom Rack will select specific items to be sent to the Last Chance store.
  • These items are supposed to be pulled off the floor by an associate.
  • When the associate misses the item you get to purchase it for a penny!

There is a catch though! The price does not appear on the tag! If you are purchasing any clearance items you can have an associate check the price for you.  If not, you will just be pleasantly surprised when you get to the register.

I have styled this dress three different ways for you and gave you a style tip associated with each one! I saved my favorite look for last, so I hope you enjoy seeing this penny dress come to life!


The Casual Look

The easiest way to make this dress casual and more for everyday is to layer a t-shirt underneath it!  I added the scarf for a fun print and my cute high top sneakers.  This is an easy way to make a dress like this a more funtional piece in your wardrobe.

Style Tip: By layering a t-shirt or top underneath a slip dress you can make it easier to wear as an every day piece.

Dressed Up with a Denim Jacket

To be honest with you I was a little too uncomfortable with this dress by itself.  It was too revealing at the top so I chose to put a denim jacket with it.  I think the denim jacket could also be paired with the outfit above.

If you are comforatable enough to wear the dress by itself to a party, dress it up with some great dressy booties or pumps and great accessories like my necklace, earrings and handbag. If you are just going to dinner add the jacket for a stylish option.

Style Tip: A jacket is a great way to break up a solid color dress and add some style and casual flare to it!

The Cozy Sweater Look

This is my personal favorite way to style this dress! I took a cowl neck sweater and layered it on top of the dress!  I am totally winter ready with this version.  Add some great booties and a fun handbag and you are ready to go anywhere!

Style Tip: Add a pullover sweater over your dress for a fun look. It will actually make it look like a skirt and a top and no one will know!


I hope you will venture to your nearest Nordstrom Rack and try to get lucky and find an item for a penny like I did this dress.  I love my penny dress and will enjoy wearing it.  I actually love it even more knowing I only paid a penny for it! I hope you had fun reading this and will talk to you again on Thursday!

Thanks a bunch for reading,



  1. Adrianne

    That is so cool! You definitely got your moneys worth out of that one!!!

  2. This is the cutest post ever!! And I never knew that Nordstrom Rack had this big secret!! I can’t wait to go and try it out myself! You again knocked it out of the park with all the ways you’ve styled this amazing Penny Dress! xoxo

    • Jamie

      Thank you sweet friend! I love to style things different ways! I am so glad I discovered that secret! We found a penny top for Erika when we went together! So fun!

    • Jamie

      Thank you Vidhi! I really like my jean jacket with dresses. It makes me feel more comfortable and casual. I’m so glad you liked that one. My favorite is the one with the sweater over it.

  3. Firstly, I’m in awe of how you got this dress for a penny but then again: Nordstrom Rack has great deals! I’m definitely going for their Penny deals now! Also, I loved how you styled the dress in three completely different looks- each one has it’s unique style. Great job, Jamie!

    • Jamie

      Thank you so much Komal! That is definiely a cool thing to find but it sure doesn’t happen as often as we would like! But it is definitely worth a try! Styling is my passion and I love to do diffent things even when I don’t personally like them myself. I know someone else will!