Hey ladies! Have you paid attention to what colors are coming out for spring?!!! I have started a little shopping and boy are we in for an interesting colorful season! If you love corals, pinks, oranges, reds, yellows and greens you are in for a treat! I have already started seeing lots of corals, greens and yellows so far and expect as the season continues to see the rest.

The pantone color of the year for 2019 is Living Coral.  This exact color is part of the lineup for spring, so this might just dominate the other colors of the season but we will see.  The Pantone colors for each season are chosen because they are the most seen colors in NY Fashion Week runway shows.  You will see many different versions of these colors in solids and patterns throughout the season. The empowering colors of spring/summer 2019 are uplifiting, joyful and illustrate desirable authenticity!

Spring 2019 Pantone Colors and Meanings

Did you know that colors have meaning?  They are used in interior design to create a feeling or mood for the space.  I think colors in our clothing can have the same affect. They can determine our mood and feelings and often times impact others.  If you are interested in reading about the meaning of color, I highly recommend this article on Jen Reviews: Color Meaning, Symbolism, And Psychology: What Do Different Colors Mean.

Fiesta – Considered a festive orange red.  It gives positive energy, excitement and passion.

Jester Red – This is a very deep and intense red that is both richly elegant and sophisticated.

Tumeric – This orange is very enlightening and gives some spiciness to the palette.

Living Coral – A pleasantly easy shade that has golden undertones for a softer edge.

Pink Peacock – An alluring color that will fascinate you.

Pepper Stem – A yellow-green that creates a desire for nature’s healthy bounty.

Aspen Gold – A very happy sunny yellow.

Princess Blue – A royal blue hue with impressive beauty.

Toffee – Like the sweet treat this is deliciously irresistable and will stimulate your appetite.

Margo Majito – A golden yellow that creates a desire for comforts.

Terrarium Moss – A deep moss green that brings to mind natures physical beauty and foliage.

Sweet Lilac – A pink infused lavender that is an easy and gentle charmer.

Spring 2019 Neutrals

Brown GraniteTimeless , grounded and a strong color.

Sweet Corn – This soft and buttery color is going to tempt us all.

Eclipse – This deep blue mimicks the midnight sky and is weighty and secretive.

Soybean  – A naturally appealing and adaptable color.

Spring Selections

I wanted to show you a few of the things I have seen that represent the Pantone colors chosen for Spring 2019.  I think they are on par with what was selected and I love the mix of colors as well.  The neutral colors like navy are going to help anchor the bright hues for the season.

BP. Everyday Stripe Sweater //  ASTR The Label Sterling Jumpsuit //   ASTR The Label Quinn Bodysuit //  J Brand Alana High Waist Crop Skinny Jeans //  Parker Daniella Floral Silk Blend Top //  BLANKNYC Suede Buckle Skirt //   BP. Stripe Sweater //   Cupcakes and Cashmere Mystique Pottery Floral Print Faux Wrap Dress //  Free People Window to My Heart Blouse

This season, expect to see these joyful colors in very unexpected combinations!  I am really loving the creativity of the designs around these colors and can’t wait to see what else designers have in store. I would love for you to let me know in the comments below how you feel about these colors for spring and summer!



  1. Love this post! Bring on Spring and all of the beautiful corals!

    • Jamie

      Aww thanks girl! I really appreciate that! I am so ready for spring as well!

  2. Adrianne

    Aaahhh, i’m excited about the Spring colors! I just love coral! Looking forward to seeing all of the new and creative combinations!

    • Jamie

      I know me too! It’s going to be a bright and pretty season!

  3. Stephanie

    Such a great post! I’m so happy that stripes are still on trend and I’m loving the color palette for spring!

    • Jamie

      Thank you so much Stephanie! I am too!

  4. This is such a unique idea for a post! I love how you broke down each color and it’s meanings.

    • Jamie

      Thank you Komal! You are so sweet! I love talking about color!