If you want to elevate your style, one of the easiest ways to do this is to try to create unique outfits by mixing your dressy and casual items in an outfit!  This brings more versatility to your wardrobe and is super easy to execute!  Check out the video below or continue reading to find out how to easily elevate your casual style!!

Denim & Lace


A pretty lace top pairs really well with any denim bottoms.  You can choose a denim skirt, denim shorts or jeans in any shade you prefer.  Of course the lighter and more distressed the denim the more casual the look. This outfit is the perfect example of how you can combine opposite style and add accessories and shoes to elevate the outfit even more.

Denim & Eyelet


If you have trouble finding a lace top you should have no problem getting your hands on a fun eyelet top.  They are always very popular during the spring and summer.  This adds a feminine detail to your denim outfit that is perfect for this time of year.

 A Blazer With Denim Shorts


A white blazer is the perfect blazer to wear in the spring and summer. If you can find one in linen it’s even more perfect.  A great way to style a white blazer is with a casual t-shirt and denim cut-off shorts. The structured and serious blazer is even better when it’s paired with some loose and relaxed cut-off shorts.

A big trend this year are ankle straps, so I thought the perfect shoe for this ensemble was a fun gold strappy shoe with a tie strap around the ankle.  You can add a belt if that works for your body shape or leave it out.

Sequin Top & Jeans


One of my YouTube subscribers commented on a video that this was her favorite way to wear dressy and casual items together.  A sequin top that you would wear once a year can now become a fun piece to add some pizazz to a casual outfit.  To elevate the look even more you can add a fun plaid blazer and sneakers!!! I thought this outfit combo was really spicy and unique.

Trousers & Tees


You can take your trouser pants that are structured and a little bit dressier and throw on a striped or print tee, a cropped denim jacket and white sneakers! This is the perfect combo for a cool spring day of shopping or running errands. You will look put together and very stylish.

A Dress & Sneakers


One of my personal favorite pairings is to wear sneakers with a dress. Any length works but I especially love a midi and a maxi length. I chose a slip dress for the outfit because they are super popular this season and so easy to create a fun casual look with.  I love the denim jacket over it to add to the casual feel of the outfit but you could choose a different jacket that works for you.  Even a white button up shirt tied at the waist would work great!

I hope these outfits give you some great ideas of how to pair some of your casual and dressy items together to create a unique casual look. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and get creative with your wardrobe!

Stylishly Yours,



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