Hey there! Are you having trouble buying a gift for that tech-savvy guy in your life?  I have always had a challenging time because my man is not mainstream. He doesn’t care about clothing, hunting, cologne or any of the normal gifts you would purchase your guy.  He is a programmer and loves technology.  This list will involve some tech things and just some other cool things that a guy similar to my husband might like.

I have divided it up into categories to make it easier for you! I tried to make this fun and interesting and most of these are things my husband recommended or has already received as a gift. The reason why I chose tech gifts is because it is what our specialty is in this house.  We are constantly helping people find the best tech devices that suit their needs. Hopefully this will help you a little if you want to impress that tech-savvy guy in your life whether it be your husband, brother, dad, boyfriend, son or friend!

 The “Anything That Makes Life Easier” Guy

Nest Learning Thermostat: This is a game changer when it comes to a thermostat! We have one and it is amazing!  My husband had this on his list a few years ago and it has proven to be worth having. The controls are simple and you can control it from an app on your phone.

Google Home: This is a fun and interesting device to have around the house. The Google Home offers hands free help through Google Assist and you can play music, ask questions, play games, get directions and lots of other cool things.

Blueair 205 Classic Air Purifier: If your guy has a home office or just an office somewhere and has allergies, this would be a great gift idea.  It is amazing how much it will cut down allergens and dust in a small space.  If your husband is like mine and wants things that make life easier this would be perfect!

The Gaming Guy

I want to say that my eyes have been opened to the world of gaming through my husband.  The products made for gaming have proven to be some of the best on the market and not just for gaming.  They are solid products, comfortable to use and last forever it seems!  Check these out even if your guy is not a gamer but works at a computer a whole lot!

Corsair Gaming Keyboard: I am going to rave about this keyboard because I loved my husbands so much that I had him get me one.  This is the best keyboard I have ever used and it’s really cool because you can set the LED lights to whatever color you want. You could only have guessed that mine is pink!

Corsair Mouse Pad: The same people that make that amazing keyboard also make the best mouse pad around!!  It is solid and very big so it gives you plenty of room to move the mouse around.  Guess what? It also lights up and you can choose what color you want your LED lights to display!

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Mouse: This is the king of all mice!  If it was a real mouse anyway, LOL.  Seriously though, the best mouse on the market.  I use this one too.  It is great for gaming because of the multiple buttons but also very nice and comfortable for working.

DXRACER  Gaming/Office Chair: This is by far my husbands favorite gift I have ever given him!  I purchased this for him about 4 or 5 years ago and it is still going strong.  He literally sits in it for 12 to 16 hours a day sometimes! No kidding! He works and plays from home so there ya go.  They are by far the best chairs for sitting for long periods of time at a desk.

The Extreme Tech Savvy Guy

Google Pixel Slate / iPad Pro / Surface Pro: Depending on what type of products your husband likes these are all comparable for a gift. My husband is not a fan of Apple so he always goes for the Google products.  He would love to have the new Google Pixel Slate.

If your guy is into them all the best value for cost vs. features is the Google Pixel Slate. There are multiple price options for you to choose from and multiple price points. The Surface Pro is by Microsoft so if he is a Microsoft fan you would want to go with this one.

Google Home Hub with Google Assistant:  This is basically a Google Home with a screen! You can use it for simple things or connect and control up to thousands of apps and devices.  Check out the website here to learn more.

The Fashion but Techy Guy

Nike Golf Shirts: If your guy has a job that does not require him to wear a shirt and tie these shirts are really impressive. If you are concerned about the Nike logo, no worries! It is very obscure on the shirt and people will rarely even notice it.  They are also made out of a dry fit material so they don’t shrink and best of all don’t have to be dry cleaned. They wash and dry very well!

Oakley Custom Sunglasses: You can create a pair of cool sporty shades for your guy! I did this for mine last year and it was a huge hit!  You choose the style, colors, type of lens, color of the lens, logo color and you can even engrave something on the lens. I did all of the above and it was awesome!

The lenses in lots of the Oakley frame choices are able to be changed. This is great because there are different types of lenses for different activities. For example, he may like going to an indoor range and shooting. They make a lens for that!  I would recommend adding one or two more lens options to your gift!

The Instagram Guy Behind the Camera

Peak Design Camera Strap and Cuff Wrist Strap: Peak Design has come up with an anchor link system that makes their straps  easily and quickly interchangeable.  The long strap is adjustable to wear as a neck strap, shoulder strap or a sling. You can also get the wrist strap to use when you are using smaller and lighter lenses to keep the camera safely in your hand.

Peak Design Backpack: Check this one out! This bag is so perfect if you use a DSLR camera.  You can customized the inside compartments depending on what you carry with you and it is super padded for great protection.  It also zips open on both sides and opens from the top!  So many ways to enter the bag which is very convenient when doing a photo shoot.

Phone Camera Lens Kit: I try to recommend products to you that we have used and know are good but we have not used these. They have a decent review and I thought were a great idea if you use your phone for pictures. They would allow for a little more creativity with your photos.


I hope these recommendations were helpful to you!  If you have another great idea or something you have purchased that is not on the list PLEASE leave it in the comments below!  I would love to know what you recommend!

Thanks for reading!




  1. I love this gift guide! I always struggle finding gifts for the men in my life so it’s great you put together this list!

    • Jamie

      They are definitely the hardest to buy for! Especially if they are tech-savvy!

  2. Adrianne

    This is a great list! It also works if the tech savvy guy in your life is your son!!! ?

    • Jamie

      Of course! Lol. I need to add that to the list I have in the post!