Hey ladies! I don’t usually do an impromptu post but I just had to do this one! I realized something as I was shopping online this week and that is coats are really in style this season! Yes coats! That is something we all think of as a necessity when it gets cold and not usually a fashionable item. This year we have to switch gears! The number of cute coats available is astonishing!  There are classic pea coats and trenches to furry animal prints and fun plaids! I could not believe the amount of cute ones just from one retailer either! So, I am going to share with you the fun fashionable coats I found before they are gone! Let’s prepare for the cold weather because it is coming! Let’s also think ahead and try to avoid the panic of finding a coat when we get there!

The retailer that I was so impressed with their coats was H&M.  I could not believe the amount of really cute stylish ones they had available. They are not a retailer I would think of going to for a coat purchase but I highly recommend it!  Wait until you see what is available!

A coat purchase is going to be different for everyone.  We all live in different parts of the country and have different needs based on our weather. So it would be up to you to decide what kind of coat you would need. The one thing that does hold true for all of us is the style of the coat. I really believe anything goes. I love them all.  I am going to show you some in just about every style imaginable. You can click the icon that pops up on the photo for details and click it to go to the website to shop!


The Fabulous Animal Prints

All the fabulous animal print coats have to be my favorite stylish option for this season. The majority of these are from H&M but I did add a couple of others from different retailers because I could not resist their cuteness.  I actually purchased a leopard print faux fur bomber jacket for myself this season! I can’t wait to photograph it and show you guys.  You will find the animal prints in coats this season to be mostly leopard or cheetah.

 The Furry Feels

Faux fur is everywhere and I am so glad there are some other options other than animal print.  The options from H&M in this category were spectacular! I love every single one of these! Especially the multicolored one in the middle!

The Wool Blends

Most of us probably own a wool coat or two.  Wool is such a breathable fabric but keeps you warm so these work so well in all different climates.  They are also blended with other materials to keep them soft and lighter weight. You will see lots of plaid options in this category and I have added a couple of subtle plaid ones here for you to see.  They have even added a touch of faux fur to some of them to keep with the seasonal trends.

The Others

If you are not into faux fur, animal print, or wool than the other choices seem endless for you! These choices range from light weight trench coats to thick puffer jackets and lots of fun in between!  I love the ones that are lined with fleece or fur to give that added coziness!  I thought these styles were just too cute to resist showing you!


I will link some others below from some different retailers if you want to take a look.  I hope you got as excited as I did about them! I just thought they were so very cute and made me wish I lived somewhere that the weather got really cold!  Let me know in the comments below what you think!










  1. Adrianne

    Wow, I was not even aware of this trend. It sounds like so much fun! Sounds like I need to plan a trip to H&M very soon!

    • Jamie

      I know right! I wasn’t either until I started looking around!