It’s that time of year again ladies! Time for cleaning out closets and updating your wardrobe for the Fall season!  Style by Jamie Lea offers lots of different options for your wardrobe needs.  I would love for you to continue to read this post and also check out my Services page.  I can provide services for almost any budget and wardrobe need.

Me, Happy as ever holding loads of clothing from styling at a photo shoot!

My background is in women’s contemporary retail and includes almost 20 years of sales and management. My experiences have taught me how to dress women with various lifestyles, shapes and sizes. Style by Jamie Lea was created out of my desire to help women achieve their own personal style. I love teaching women how to put things together and how to get the most out of what they buy.  My first two clients were from my retail days and I have them to thank for encouraging me to start this business.  They have allowed me to work out the kinks in all the things I do and have been so supportive in helping me grow in this process. Thanks you two, you know who you are!

I provide a service that is not like your average wardrobe consultant or stylist.  I will organize and clean out your closet, shop for you and provide an additional customized service just for you!  This additional service is what brings added value to what I do and is not provided by any other stylist. I will explain this in a bit!

Working on a client wardrobe.

When we start, the first thing we will do is evaluate everything in your closet for a particular season. You and I will review your clothing, shoes and accessories to determine what needs to be kept and what will be re-purposed or eliminated. We will also make a list of things that need to be purchased. If you choose the Seasonal Shopping Package then the fun begins…..yay shopping trips!  We can shop at places picked either by you or me. Online shopping is also an option if that is preferred.

Of course the amount of service you receive will greatly depend on your need. I have reorganized my packages to allow for even more options for your individual needs. They are listed on my Services section of the the website.  The packages are meant to provide a service for you at a little bit of a discount rather than paying me by the hour.  You are welcome to hire me for whatever your needs are at my hourly rate or pick a package that meets your needs. I also want to say that I am good at shopping with any budget; small and large.  I am actually really great at finding functional pieces at amazing prices.

Style By Jamie Lea studio where I take pictures for your Member’s Dressing Room

Now to explain the exciting service that I provide, which is available in The Ultimate Package! The value added item available with the Ultimate Package is to become a Member of Style By Jamie Lea. This gives you seasonal access (about 6 months) to an online Dressing Room. To create the online Dressing Room, I take professional photographs of your individual pieces of clothing for that season and load them on my website.  I use the photos to put together outfits that are also displayed online in your personal Dressing Room. Once you log in you can see your entire seasonal wardrobe and up to 50 outfits for the season!

My current clients tell me that the Dressing Room outfits are their favorite part of what I do! They have access to their outfits anytime, anywhere, from their computer, tablet or phone.  This makes getting dressed for an event or just the day a bit easier!

I would love to assist you with creating the best possible wardrobe this fall season! If you have any questions at all, or would like to see samples of my work and online dressing rooms, feel free to contact me anytime through my Contact page at If you would like to get updates from my fun and informative blog download the Bloglovin app from the app store and add Style By Jamie Lea to your list.  I am currently working on a way for you to subscribe, but until then this is a great option to stay in touch with me or I guess for me to stay in touch with you!


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