Hello Ladies!  I really wanted to do a post on my recommendations for holiday gifts. I wanted to make it fun and different and could not figure out what to do.  As I was laying in bed one night I remembered I needed to get some Chick-fil-A calendars for people for Christmas. We have done this the past few years. I try to get them early because one year they sold out.  This is something that people truly love to receive for Christmas and don’t usually purchase for themselves.  It is so simple and it’s the gift that keeps on giving!  Wow, LIGHTBULB!  That would make a great post for Christmas gift ideas!

I decided to round up a list of things that I feel like are great gifts that keep on giving.  Some of these things are my favorites to give and to receive.  I want to put lots of thought into the gifts I give people and to make them happy for a while.  So here is a list of my TOP 10 Unique Gifts That Keep on Giving.

In no way was I paid for any of these suggestions. They are all my own opinions and recommendations!

  1. The Chick-fil-A Calendar: I know I mentioned this above and this would be my #1 pick for all the people in my life that I know eat at Chick-fil-A. My husband and I eat there at least once a week, if not twice.  The calendars cost a whopping $8 plus tax and are worth way more than that.  We use this as an add on to friends and family gifts and will purchase them for people we want to give a little something to.  I use to give these to my employees in my retail days and they loved them! So, if you ever received or purchased a Chick-fil-A calendar you know it’s not the calendar, which is actually funny, but it’s the little card that is attached to the back that means so much!  This gift keeps on giving because you get a free item from the menu each month with that little card!
  2. A loaded Starbuck Gift Card: I get one of these from my in-laws every Christmas and I so look forward to it.  I love latte’s and a gift card will buy me lots of these much past Christmas. This is a gift that keeps on giving because the card is loaded with money to spend and you can share that card to your Starbucks account and gain stars to get to a free one.  So, for all your Starbucks coffee fans give them a loaded gift card and they will be seeing stars!
  3. Nickel & Suede EarringsThese are my absolute favorite earrings.  So for the ladies in your life this is an amazing gift.  They are real leather and super light weight and come in 3 sizes.  The choices in textures and colors are fun as well.  This is a gift that only cost about $30 and would be great for those that have allergies to metals because their hooks are nickel free! This gift keeps on giving because she will never want to stop wearing them!
  4. Box of Style by Zoe Report: This is the most glamorous  gift you could give a die hard fashionista on your list.  For $99 you can gift her this amazing Rachel Zoe curated box. This is a subscription service so they will send you a box every quarter if you choose. The box that’s available right now is the Winter Box and has 6 items to help you get ready and glam up the holidays!  I have this one on my list this year and hope I get it.  There is a special right now and you can get $20 off with code GIFT20 for one box or if you purchase the entire year you get $20 off each with code WINTER20.
  5. The One Year Bible:  This is a great gift for those believers in your life and is the gift that gives once a day for the entire year. In the end they can say they read through the entire bible in a year! Lot’s of people don’t know about these and they are so good!  The daily reading will take you about 15 to 20 minutes and you will be blessed.
  6.   PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold memberships for those gamer’s in your life: This membership will give the lucky guy or gal exclusive online features such as access to deeper discounts on store sales, automatic game updates, online game saves, online multiplayer and FREE games every month!  All this for only $59.99 for both the PlayStation and Xbox.  Such a great deal and is definitely a gift that will keep on giving! You can also sometimes find them on sale!
  7. Melt Massage For Couples: This is a great gift for your sweetie!  I bought this set of videos for my husband recently and had the best date night with this one and will have many more. There is a lot of great PG information in these videos and you will learn how to give your significant other an amazing massage. They will be offering a special starting in December so keep a look out for that if you are interested.  
  8. Hot Chocolate from William Sonoma: This is such a treat for the winter season.  I purchase this hot chocolate every year and just love it.  It comes in a cute tin and there is a bag of shaved chocolate inside that you put in hot milk and it melts down to make a decadent “real” hot chocolate. You can’t have hot chocolate without GIANT marshmallows so make sure you get those as well. 
  9. Craftsy Classes: This is for any of the creative people in your life that like to make things.  Go to www.craftsy.com and you can purchase online classes on quilting, sewing, knitting, photography, art, cake decorating, baking and cooking! How fun is that and would make a great gift. It’s a gift that keeps on giving because it teaches a skill they will use forever! The great thing is that there is also a lot available on the website for free.
  10. Play by Sephora subscription: This is amazing for those beauts in your life!  You get 6 amazing beauty samples with a cute little bag in the mail each month for just over 10 dollars! For this price this has serious value. With the samples I feel like I save so much money because I no longer purchase products that I just don’t like!  This is a game changer and will continue to give throughout the year!  The only downside to this is you may have to get on a waiting list (I did) so make sure you apply for it early or just gift it in a card and pay for it when it comes available.

I hope you guys enjoyed these and will use some of them for your holiday shopping! I provided links (in PINK) to all of them for you.  I would love some comments to know what you thought and if you think you will use or currently use any of these ideas. Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!

Lots of Love,




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  2. Love these ideas! A subscription box would be such a fun gift that would have a lasting impression!

    • Jamie

      It really is a great gift. I would have loved to have gotten it!

  3. Amber S.

    This is such a great idea! I’m a Chic Fil A Junkie, but it never occurred to me to give the calendars! I also love the Bible’s!!! You’ve given me a lot of inspo and ideas!

    Amber S. | http://www.thesuburbansocialite.com

  4. Wow, these are so different, I have never heard of that Sephora subscription, perfect for a makeup junkie! Thanks for sharinG!!

    • Jamie

      Thanks! I wanted to do some different suggestions. The Play by Sephora is really good if you wear any makeup or use any skincare. It is worth the 10 bucks to try new things!

  5. Adrianne

    What, no jelly of the month club? ?
    I love the Chick-fil-A calendars – I will have to go get some for my boys’ teachers! And the rest of the ideas sound great too!

    • Jamie

      Haha! You know i don’t like jelly! Thanks so much and the calendars are always a big hit!