Top 5 Summer 2021 Wearable Fashion TrendsSummer is here! YAY! For this reason I really wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Top 5 Hottest Summer 2021 Wearable Fashion Trends.  I always want to note that trends are things that are trending in popularity and usually stay around for more than one season. They are not always fads that most people would not even think about putting on their bodies!

These 5 summer trends listed below are so easy to wear during the hot summer months and are somewhat generic, which allows you to pick something within that trend that will meet your personal preference.  Not all trends are super trendy and unwearable (if that is even a word, lol) but they can be fun and super wearable by just about anyone!

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Beautiful Dresses

The Cutout Summer Trend


The first item that I want to talk about that is trending in popularity are dresses! And in just about every style from short to long maxi’s.  I know that dresses are always popular in the summertime but this year it just seems EXTRA to me.  I think it is because life is starting to allow us to move away from our leisure outfits and pj’s and a dress is the perfect replacement. Dresses look good and are COMFORTABLE; which is key to what we want to wear nowadays, right?

Simple, Fun & Frilly



Feminine Meets Sporty


Cutouts on tops and dresses are a new trend on the scene that peeked a little last fall and is out with a vengeance this season.  The coolest thing about this trend is that the cutouts are in different places and different sizes so you can choose just how much skin you want to show.

I love a midi or maxi dress with the cutouts on the sides and tops that have the cutouts at the neckline to create more of an asymmetrical neckline.

What is your favorite?

The Cutout Summer Trend

Halter and Square Necks


Enjoying The Sunny Days


This summer season I have seen more tops and dresses with halter and square necklines! I am in love with both necklines on dresses and tops! Both of these styles show lots of skin so summer is the perfect time to gravitate towards these styles.  They show off completely different areas of the top half of the body so it’s up to you what you want to show off!


Simple & Stylish For Summer


Do you have any idea what smocking is? I see people post about wearing something that is smocked when it isn’t smocked at all.  Smocking is when fabric is gathered together in tight pleats by a stitched design which allows the fabric to stretch. This was a technique that was created before elastic was used.

Smocking has become so popular lately in tops and dresses that you can pretty much find it anywhere you shop.

The Flattering Smocked Dress

Bermuda Shorts

Simple & Stylish For Summer


Bermuda shorts are everywhere this season! I personally think bermuda shorts are practical and comfortable which is why they continue to increase in popularity.  They are an easy transition for most people that have been wearing leggings and biker shorts for most of 2020 since they were at home.  Also, If you are someone that is not a fan of shorts because they are too short than these would be perfect since the length comes to the knee.

I hope these top 5 hottest summer 2021 wearable fashion trends will help inspire you to beat the heat with some cute outfits! I will make a small commission from any purchases made using the links provided at no cost to you! Thanks so much for the support!

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