We are now in week 6 of my Body Shape series! This week I’m talking about the Triangle or Pear Shape.  I am very familiar with this shape since I have helped my sister-in-law, Adrianne, who is a triangle shape, for the past 16 years. This post, along with all the others, is pretty detailed and long.  There was just no other way to get you really good information otherwise.  If you don’t have time to read, check out the video that is also detailed below!

I have created an guide for the triangle or pear shape in my online app called Your Guide To Style if you want to check it out click the image below!  You can click any of the images in this post and it will take you to the app to sign up to view the outfit!

Triangle Or Pear Shape

The triangle or pear shape is when your hips are larger than your bust. Depending on how much larger the hips may even be larger than your shoulder line.  This shape typically has a small bust and narrow shoulders and may have a defined waist depending on how much larger the hips are to the rest of the body. The legs with this shape are usually fuller, not slim like the apple shape.

Style Focus:

  • Balance the body by adding to the top half.
  • Take attention away from the hips with upper body items.
  • Keep the waist defined.

There are two ways to dress the triangle shaped body; either enhance your curves and wear more fitted items or try to minimize the hips by adding fullness to the top half and keep the bottom half in darker colors to distract from the hips.  You choose what works for you.  If you are fuller on top and have a bust but are still a triangle shape than the curvy way will work really well for you and could make you appear to be an hourglass.

Creating balance in the body is the most challenging so most of my suggestions will be for this type of styling. Neither option is right or wrong; it’s just personal preference.

If you want a PDF of the items in this post click HERE!

If you want to check out the video click below:


The triangle shape is a great shape to take advantage of the wider necklines like boat necks, cowl necks and off the shoulder tops!  These will look best by helping to widen the shoulder line to balance the hips! Although this shape can also wear many other necklines; you can check them out below!

Best Styles:

    • Boat Neck
    • Square Neck
    • Off Shoulder
    • Cowl Neck
    • Mock & Turtleneck
    • Embellished
    • V-Neck
    • Scoop
    • Crew


Have fun with your sleeves! Along with wider necklines, statement sleeves can also help to add some fullness to the top half of the body.  This is great news since statement sleeves are very on trend.  I also want to mention here that the triangle shape is the perfect candidate to wear shoulder pads as well!

Best Styles:

    • Puff
    • Cap
    • Flutter
    • Doleman
    • Bell


Tops & T-Shirts

The Flattering Smocked Top



For the triangle or pear shape, tops that are shorter than the widest point of the hips look best.  Going over the hips can add to them and possibly make them look larger. Because you want to bring focus to the top half of the body, choose styles that add fullness to the top. This can be done through certain styles, prints and colors listed below.

Best Styles:

    • Hit above the widest hip point
    • Fitted At Waist
    • Peplum
    • Vertical Stripes
    • Prints – large or small
    • Cropped – just above the hips
    • Pockets Near The Bustline
    • Ruffles At Shoulders
    • Wrap


Layering Pieces

Blazers & Jackets

The Ultimate Mom Jeans


One of the best ways to add a little more fullness to the top half of the body is by layering!  Jackets, blazers and cardigans should hit above or below the widest part of your hips.

Best Styles:

    • Cropped
    • Mid-Thigh Length
    • Pattern or Texture
    • Bomber Jacket
    • Moto Jackets
    • Singles Breasted
    • Double Breasted
    • Embellishments Above Hip Area
Florals & Pearls For Summer



Cute Cami & White Jeans



Cardigans look best in the same lengths as mentioned for blazers and jackets. You can also wear duster or ankle length cardigans.  If you choose chunkier knits they will look best if they land above the hips. The example above shows a longer cardigan with a low pocket and for this lighter weight knit it really doesn’t add more bulk but if this was a heavier knit it would not work as well.

Best Styles:

    • Light Weight
    • Chunky Knits In Shorter Lengths
    • Tie Waist
    • Cropped
    • Long Duster



I’m Cute And I Know It


Pants for the triangle shape look best if they are structured and a little bit thicker material. Especially the skinnier they get.  Darker bottoms look best if you want to minimize your lower half, but otherwise pants that are lighter in color will work with the right pairing up top.

Best Styles:

    • Mid to High Waisted
    • Flat Front
    • Paperbag & Tie Waist
    • Bootcut
    • Flare
    • Straight
    • Structured Wide Leg Trouser

Other Styles:

    •  Slim


Off The Shoulder For Day


The triangle or pear shape can wear lots of styles in jeans.  Even a skinny will work as long as it is styled correctly.

Best Styles:

    • Mid To High Waisted
    • Darker Washes
    • Straight
    • Bootcut
    • Flare
    • Cropped Flare
    • Trouser Leg
    • Slim Straight

Other Styles:

    • Skinny


Graphic Tees & Print Skirts


The triangle or pear shape looks best in A-Line styles to help bring visual balance from top to bottom.  But if you want to enhance your curves then you can wear more straight or pencil styles.

Best Styles:

    • High Waist
    • Midi & Maxi Length
    • Structured
    • A-Line
    • Wrap
    • Circle

Other Styles:

    • Pleated – not too full
    • Straight or Pencil – if wanting to accentuate curves


The Shacket & Shorts


The triangle body shape looks best in shorts that have structured and thicker materials as opposed to really loose, thin and flowy materials.  The shorts also look best if they hit at the most narrow part of the thigh and just skim over the body. Higher waisted shorts with a tie waist worn with a top tucked in look great and help create curves and balance.

Best Styles:

    • High Waisted
    • Structured
    • Length – Stop At Narrow Part Of Leg or to the Knee
    • Paperbag Waist
    • Tie Waist
    • Loose Leg
    • Denim Short


One Pieces


Have Fun In A Fit & Flare


There are lots of great dress styles that work on the triangle or pear shape. The best styles are ones that hit at the narrow part of the thigh and longer.  If you want to wear short dresses or skirts just make sure they are not super fitted or super full.

Best Styles:

    • Knee, Midi & Maxi Length
    • A-Line
    • Fit Flare
    • Wrap
    • Sheath
    • Shirt Dress
    • Dramatic Sleeves
    • Belted

Other Styles:

    • Short


Jumpers & Rompers

The Utility Jumpsuit


The best styles of jumpsuits will follow some of the same guidelines for tops and bottoms.  Your best options should have a tie or cinched waist with the top drawing attention and the bottoms just complimenting the shape. Try to find styles that are balanced on top and bottom to create a great symmetrical shape!

Best Top Styles Of Jumpsuit or Romper:

    • Off Shoulder
    • Ruffle
    • Loose Fitting
    • Color or Print
    • Asymmetrical
    • Strapless

Best Bottom Styles Of Jumpsuit or Romper:

    • Skim Over The Body
    • Straight or Loose Legs
    • Wide Legs
    • Cropped

I hope this was helpful for you if you are a triangle or pear shape.  Just remember to try the suggestions that you think you would like and would be comfortable in.  Even though you may be a triangle or pear shape you will be a different shape than other triangle or pear shapes so some of these suggestions may not work for you. Also, you should wear what you feel good in even if they are not part of the best styles suggested here! Remember to stick to who you are and what you love to wear no matter what!

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Stylishly Yours,



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