It is now after Labor Day and is time to start thinking seriously about your Fall wardrobe. First and foremost, start going through that overcrowded closet and get rid of some old stuff! The fact is you probably don’t want to get rid of anything, right?  I hear this from my clients and friends all the time and I even feel this way! We are usually not sure if we will wear it again so we keep it year after year.  I believe there are certain things we should keep and others we need to donate or just plain get rid of.  I will share some of the things I do for my closet sanity.Closet Sanity

The first thing I do is divide my wardrobe into two seasons; fall/winter and spring/summer.  When each season rolls around I switch my closet.  The weather in Memphis allows us to do this since we have such extreme temperatures.  People in other parts of the country may have similar temperatures year round and this will not apply to them. I would suggest only going through the things for the upcoming season. Don’t overwhelm yourself with your entire year’s worth of clothing.  Make sure you put your past season clothing in storage bins or another closet in your house. So the only thing in your closet is the season you are beginning.

Let me say this, for a period of  time you will have what I call transitional pieces that you will wear going into the next season. You will keep those in your closet for the time that you need them.  There will always be that transition period from season to season where you will have to do this.

Now that you have your clothing organized, focus on the current season’s items and ask yourself these questions.

Closet Sanity

  1. How long have I had this item?  If the item is from last year the odds are it is still okay to keep.  If it is older than that you will need to consider if it is in good enough condition.
  2. How long has it been since I have worn the item?  If it has been 2 or more years since you have worn the item than you need to think seriously about re-purposing or donating it.  Another option is to sell it to a resale shop but remember it has to be “lightly worn” and currently in style.
  3. Is the item still in style?  You will end up buying some trendy things that will go out of style in a couple of years.
  4. Is the item the right size? We have a tendency to hang on to things thinking we will be able to get back into them.  If they are only a year or two old you could sell them in a resale shop and use that money to buy things that fit! (This is a subject for a whole other blog post!)Closet Sanity

I have to admit that I have things in my closet, like blazers, that I have had for four or more years and still wear them! They are in good condition and still fit me. Anything that is timeless, in good condition and gets worn is a keeper.  All other old clothing would be questionable.

I realize we all have old things in our closet that we love and don’t want to part ways with. Even I have those things. Find a great place for them other than your closet!  Your closet should always be a place that you love to go and should inspire you to dress well every day.  Keep the things out that cause it to be cluttered.  It’s reasonable to pack them up and put them away for a period of time.

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