What Can Your Guide To Style Do For You

Do you struggle with what to buy and what to wear? Look no further! We have created an online app to help with all of those struggles!

Your Guide To Style is a very new online styling concept that has never been done before. The entire design of the system was built around the desire to help more women create great style.  It gives women the ability to have a personal stylist right at their fingertips any time of the day and at very little cost.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all looking for things to make life easier these days and that is exactly what we want to help you do.



Your Guide To Style will help you do the following:

  • Save you from frustration

  • Save you time and money

  • Help you dress better

  • Help you enjoy shopping and putting outfits together

  • No FOMO with what is trending in fashion

Save You From Frustration

Do you find yourself frustrated when shopping online to find something cute to wear? Do you get tired of sifting through all of the clutter and you don’t even know where to begin?  Believe me, I get it. Not being able to shop as much in store has forced us into the online shopping conundrum. We now have to shop with no one to help us.

We created this online app to help women narrow down their fashion selections and shop with zero frustration. We have accumulated the best items from all of the major and specialty online retailers into one online styling and shopping app. We even go a step further by showing you how to style those items that you love!

Save You Time and Money

I have done a lot of personal shopping for clients and friends in my career. I once had a clients husband tell me that he would gladly pay me to help his wife because it saved him money. He was tired of his wife purchasing items that she loved but would just sit in her closet because she didn’t know what to wear them with. Your Guide To Style acts like a personal shopper just for you. It will not only save you time but it will save you money.

We charge a small $20 monthly fee after your free trial.  If you sign up for 6 months or 12 months your fee goes down to just $17.50 or $15 a month. The reason we charge a subscription fee is because we do not have any advertising or affiliate links within the app. This goes against the norm but we really desire to keep an ad free app.

Help You Dress Better

The app is set up with guides, guide groups, and outfits for your viewing. The guides and guide groups help organize the outfits for their specific fashion style and purpose. The fashion style is whether the outfit is Daily Casual, Leisure, Informal, Formal, etc. The purpose is how you would wear it, what you would wear it with, and what you would wear it for. This will help you find outfits that help you look your best for whatever your daily life brings.

We also give you the ability to save your favorite outfits into collections so you can easily access them at a later time. Use them to help you style outfits with similar items that you might have or to purchase an item when you are ready. We do not keep up with the retailers sales so I recommend saving the item in your bookmarks and purchase when they do have a sale.

Help You Enjoy Shopping and Putting Outfits Together

The ability to shop and put outfits together came from my 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. I spent my days helping women find cute items and create outfits that reflected their own personal style. My goal is for this app to help more women accomplish great personal style. This is why we designed the outfits to work the way the do.

The interactive outfits are one of the best features of Your Guide To Style.  Every curated outfit will have several options for each item that makes up the outfit. You “interact” with the outfit by looking through the choices and choosing which one you like the best to create a styled outfit you will love. This is why we say that it will help you find your own personal style.  Please refer to the video above for more on the interactive outfits!

Each item in the outfit has a link that will take you directly to the retailer to shop that item. Sometimes the items is sold out and we can’t control that but you can save the outfit to your Favorites and use it to find what you are looking for. You can also check back on the item in case it gets restocked.

No FOMO With What Is Trending In Fashion

We will keep you up to date with the current trends in the industry and the popular way to wear the current trends. The app will be updated each week with new items and new outfits to keep the content fresh and interesting. Fashion does not stop and neither will we.

Our outfits are not directed towards any certain age or size. We believe style is personal and you should wear what looks good on your body regardless of your age and size.  We try to reach a wide range of style preferences for all women.

If you would like more information on Your Guide To Style feel free to watch the video in this post or go to our website HERE.

Thank you so much for reading and having an interest in what YGTS can do for you!

Stay Stylish!